Grass and Turf Lawn

The most important factors to think about when choosing a lawn is suitability for climate and soil. If you spend time looking at the conditions which you presently have and match a lawn type to it, then you are well on the way to producing the best lawn for your garden.

When it comes to lawn you can pick fast growing varieties which will establish quickly, but may be hard work and high maintenance in the long run.

Or you can pick a slower growing variety which takes longer to establish, but once it does, the your work is reduced. Consider how your new lawn will be used, will it just be there to look at, or will it get lots of ware and tear.

Some lawn varieties will ware better then others. Will the lawn get lots of kids playing on it, or will it get cars parking on it. There is a lawn to match each need.


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Types of Turf/Grass

Following is a list of various lawn grasses, their good points and bad.

  • Bent – seed lawn – Cool climate
  • Carpet grass – runners – Tropical climates
  • Buffalo grass –  runners & roll-on – Subtropical & Temperate areas
  • Couch grass or Bermuda grass – Seed or runners – Subtropical & Temperate areas
  • Couch grass hybrids Eg Winter green – only available as runners and roll-on – Temperate & Mediterranean climates
  • Fescue – seed only – best suited to cool climates
  • Kikuyu – seed, runners & roll-on,  will grow in subtropical areas, but best used to warm temperate regions.
  • Ryegrass – seed only – Cool climates.
  • Kentucky blue grass – seed only – Cool climates
  • Zoysia – Seed and newer varieties by roll-on – subtropical, warm temperate & temperate regions.