Couch grass, Winter Green & Windsor Green

Many of the newer hybrid Couch varieties, such as Winter Green and Windsor Green are excellent lawn varieties.

They have a lush green look during the growing season and maintain good colour in the cooler months (although growth is reduced substantially).

The great thing about the new hybrid varieties is that they are very drought tolerant. This is due to the fine and small leaf size and the deep running roots. However, the runners also have a habit of running into garden beds (unlike Buffalo which can be controlled easily).

Hybrid couch grass varieties such as Winter Green and Windsor green grow best in warm temperate and Mediterranean climates. They withstand long hot summers with little water. Hybrid couch grass can only be purchased as runners or as roll-on lawn and is not available as seed.

Lawn fertilising is best done with granular NPK lawn fertilisers at the rate of 30 grams per square metre. This is normally done three times a year, spring, summer and autumn. Hybrid couch lawns also respond very well to liquid fertiliser. Liquid fertiliser for lawns can be purchased from most hardware stores and garden centres.