How to control weeds in your grass, lawn and turf

There are many chemicals you can use to get rid of weeds.

Your lawn must be vigorous and healthy to ensure weeds are under control.

Any weeds will be outcompeted by a healthy lawn. This is especially true for Couch and Kikuyu lawns, which form a thick mat. The stolons will cover the entire lawn if they are healthy and growing well. This prevents weeds getting started. The lawn will be able to fight off weeds if fertiliser is applied regularly. Although it may take some time for the weeds in your lawn to get under control, they will eventually be defeated.

It can be difficult to get rid of weeds such as “nutgrass” but if your lawn is healthy, it will soon outgrow “nutgrass” and winter grass.

Mow frequently to prevent weeds from becoming established. This reduces the growth of weeds, and allows grass to take over.