Queensland Blue Couch

Although not used a great deal these days, Queensland Blue Couch has some excellent features.

Queensland Blue is only suited to warmer climates such as warm temperate, subtropical and Mediterranean regions. It is unusual as it has an extremely soft leaf, possibly the most soft of all the grass varieties. It is mainly a warm season grass and becomes dormant in winter, with little growth occurring at that time of year. Queensland Blue is not frost tolerant.

The trick to growing Queensland blue is to keep it well watered and fertilised during the growing season. It has the added feature of not producing a lot of thatch like other couch varieties. It also tends to grow closers to the surface producing a fine textured lawn.

Queensland blue used to only be available as seed however, due to it’s popularity over the years, it is now a common grass to be purchased from turf merchants.

If you live in the right climate Queensland blue makes an great lush, green lawn. Its major drawback is it becomes sparse in cooler climates and this is the main reason it is not a popular lawn these days.