Tips & tricks for pruning hedges & hedge plants

It is often difficult for many people to maintain their hedges in good shape.

Pruning your hedge regularly is one way to maintain its shape.

After you have determined the shape of your hedge you can simply trim off any excess growth.

How often should your hedge be trimmed?

This depends on which type of hedge plant you have. You may need to trim your hedge once a month during the growing season, or once every three months depending on which variety you have. It may be worthwhile to have someone professional trim your hedge if it is too large or difficult to maintain. After this is done, it’s time to keep the hedge in its current shape and height.

It can be difficult to make a level hedge. However, there are some things you can do. A gardener can trim a hedge with a pair of hedge shears by visual estimation. This involves locating the line to be cut, and then shaping it as needed. You can also use a “string line” for builders (basically, a length or string).

You will need to place a stake at each stake. Then, you can run a string line from one stake to another at the required height. The hedging shears can be used to trim the hedge to match the height of the string line, creating a level hedge. You can also trim the hedge’s side to the desired width.

Recommended tools for trimming hedges

There are many different tools that can be used to prune hedges.

  1. Although manual hedge trimmers are labor-intensive, professionals still prefer to use them. The manual hedge trimmers require only a few cuts. This allows users to trim the hedge until they achieve the desired shape.
  2. These machines are more affordable than ever thanks to the availability of petrol-powered hedge trimmers. These machines are great if you have large stemmed hedges that grow quickly. These machines are amazing, but they can be very heavy and can take a lot of time to cut the foliage.
  3. You can also plug in electric hedge trimmers. These are just as good, but not as powerful as the Petrol trimmers. Although they are easy to use, they can’t always be used to cut through thick stems. The power cord is a disadvantage to an electric-style trimmer. It requires care.
  4. Rechargeable hedge trimming machines – These have been around for a while and are getting better, but are not suitable for large hedges. These are great for small hedges, especially when you get one with a long-lasting battery.