Viburnum Tinus Hedge

Viburnum Tinus is an easy-care hedge that’s hardy and can be taken care of. Viburnum Tinus can be grown as a hedge anywhere from 50cm to 3m high. The plants are evergreen and bear white flowers in spring and winter. This makes a great screen or hedge plant. It is slower to grow than other Viburnums but it doesn’t require as much pruning. Viburnum Tinus is drought-tolerant and thrives in temperate, warm temperate, Mediterranean, and subtropical climates. After establishing Viburnum Tinus, water and fertilize well. Then Viburnum Tinus will grow easily with very little care.

Viburnum Tinus is best when it gets regular pruning. However, it should be pruned no less than twice per year. If left unpruned, this shrub will produce a beautiful display of white flowers. Spider mite is the most common pest. However, this is only if the plant is in full sun. Pests are often a problem for plants that aren’t thriving. Keep an eye out on growth problems. To increase Viburnum Tinus’s growth, you can fertilize it in spring. Viburnum Tinus grows best in full sun but can also be grown in semi-shade.

Care for Viburnum Tinus Plant it in a well-drained soil with organic planting mix. Slow release fertilizer. In windy regions, stake plants. To establish a strong root system, water plants regularly. Viburnum Tinus can grow in all soil types, including loams, sands, and clays that are well-drained. Avoid heavy clays if you can. Good drainage is essential. For best growth, fertiliser should be applied in spring and autumn. Although pruning can be done any time of the year, spring and autumn are the best seasons to do any serious pruning.