Orange Jessamine – Murraya Paniculata Hedge

Murraya paniculata Orange Jessamine is one of the most well-known hedge plants. It can be used as a hedge and can grow from 1m to 3m in height. It is a lush green plant with thick leaves and abundant white flowers in the warmer months. They have a lovely jasmine fragrance. Murraya paniculata is one the most popular Australian garden shrubs.

Murraya can be grown from 1m to 3m high and used as a screen or hedge plant. It is quite hardy, even for a subtropical species. Murraya can be grown in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, and subtropical, Mediterranean, and temperate areas.

Murraya “Orange Jessamine”, with its upright bushy growth makes it a great screen plant. Murraya can grow in any soil, provided it is well-drained. The best soils for Murraya are organically rich. Murraya can grow in full sun but will also thrive in semi-shade. Orange Jessamine is a fast-growing hedge plant when given the right conditions. Murraya can be made into a neat, formal hedge, or allowed to grow as an informal screen or hedge.

Murraya paniculata can be cared for with organic fertilizer and a mix of planting materials. To ensure a strong root system, it is essential to stake the plant. Choose a location that is not subject to frosts. In spring and autumn, fertilize with a general-purpose garden fertiliser. While pruning can be done any time of the year, it is best to do hard pruning in the spring or autumn in cooler areas. To maintain a tidy, formal hedge shape, you should trim it every so often. Murraya is not bothered by pests, but soil “Curl Grubs”, which eat roots, can attack them. Aphids can also attack spring growth. Murraya could live up to 30 years.