Murraya Paniculata “Min-a-min” Dwarf Low Hedge

Murraya paniculata ‘Min-a-min’ (pbr), is a dwarf variety of the larger-growing shrub Murraya paniculata that is suitable for hedge planting. The foliage is light green, and Min-a-min produces a lot of white-scented flowers in the summer. Flowering is more common in the warmer months. Min-a-min can grow to 60cm tall when left unpruned. It makes a great hedge, growing from around 25cm to 50cm high.

Murraya Min-a-min is a low-maintenance hedge due to its bushy growth. Once established, “Min-amin” is very easy to maintain. It is slow growing and will require patience to establish. It is a good idea to plant shrubs closer together when planting this hedge. For very low hedges, this will result in a quick result. Murraya paniculata Min-a-min prefers organically rich soils. They can also grow in sandy soils. Full sun is the best light, but this plant can grow in semi-shade. The best climates are those in the subtropical or warm temperate zones. The Murraya paniculata flowers in the photo are almost identical to those shown in the Murraya Min-a-min.

This little hedge plant is easy to care for once it has been established. While “Min-amin” grows slowly in general, it will grow faster in subtropical environments. To increase its growth in other climates, fertilizer should be applied in spring and summer. You can use any general purpose garden fertilizer, or a liquid fertiliser once every two weeks. It will become a hedge and produce fragrant flowers in the spring and summer. They are very easy to care for and can live for many years.