Bent & Creeping bent Lawn grass

Bent is a very fine grass which develops a dark green colour. It is used primarily in high rainfall areas with cool climates. However it will grow well in temperate regions also. It is best suited to very refined lawn uses. It is used extensively on bowling green and golf courses. There are two main types of bent, Bent & Creeping bent. Both produce a beautiful, fine grass and lawn. However, they are both best suited to areas with good rainfall or irrigation. Both varieties grow well from seed, however the seed is very fine and can be difficult to spread. Bent is used extensively in lawn seed mixes, with Rye and Bermuda grass. Bent is best mowed with a Cylinder or otherwise known as a Reel mower as a fine cut is required. Fertilise with around 30 grams per square metre (using a granular lawn fertiliser) three times per year, spring, summer and autumn.