Planting and creating the perfect hedge

The initial setup of your hedge is key to growing a great hedge.

People tend to take a “try it and see” approach when planting a hedge.

This is the biggest mistake people make when planting hedges.

Before you plant your hedge, take the time to think about all factors that could affect its growth. Hedge plants can last for many years. If your hedge isn’t growing as you expected, it will be difficult to remove it. You can find out what hedges are in your area to help you choose your hedge. This will give you an excellent starting point. This will let you know if the plant can grow in your area. Research is important, especially regarding pests and soil conditions.

A good tip for growing a hedge is to consider the size of your hedge.

Choose a hedge that will grow to the desired height. This will save you time and help with maintenance. Even experienced gardeners may choose plants that grow taller than required. This is usually because they are more suited to the soil conditions or quick-growing. This has the drawback that hedges may require more frequent maintenance to maintain their control.

It is better to plant each plant in a straight line when planting a hedge. Gardeners may stagger their hedge plants in a zigzag arrangement. This has many disadvantages, especially in terms of the final appearance and shape. This shape tends to make the hedge too broad and leave gaps. It is crucial to space hedge plants.

Two main issues should be considered when spacing your hedge.

  1. How tall do you want your hedge to grow?
  2. What height will the chosen plant grow.

The rule of thumb when spacing hedges is to “the lower you would like it to grow, and the closer you plant them, the farther apart you need to space them.” This is especially true for tall hedges. If they are too close together, your plants could be stunted or produce weak growth. It is worth speaking to your local nurseryman about the best layout for your hedge. This will save you time and help make your job more appealing.