How To Create A Straight and Level Hedge

When you are planting your new hedge we find it is best to prepare your garden bed first, then position all your plants in a line, before you plant.

Place your hedge plants on the ground in the exact place where they are going to be planted,  you can then move them around till you get the right positioning.

Some gardeners use a “string line” to position their hedge.  The “string line” is placed over the garden bed and then a line is draw on the ground.   Stakes are then placed in position along the line to mark the where the plants are going to be planted. This ensures that the hedge will be straight.

When it comes to keeping your hedge height level, it is more of a pruning issue.  You can maintain the height levels easily if you prune your hedge regularly.  Once you have a good shape it is then a simple task of trimming off the small developing stems, back to the bulk of the hedge.