A Cheap Way To Improve A Rough Sparse Lawn

There are many ways to improve a lawn that is not perfect. Many people have mixed grass varieties. This could include Rye and Fescue mixed with Buffalo and Kikuyu, or any other combination. These lawns often look bad due to the soil and climate they grow in. This is where you should start if your soil can be improved.

You could have a problem with the nutrients. In that case, you would need to apply a good granular NPK fertilizer and then give it several treatments throughout the growing season. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can try adding grass varieties that are better suited for the situation. This is the cheapest method to get the job done. This should be done when the weather is warm and there is enough moisture (rainfall). Most nurseries and hardware shops sell seed mixtures that are suitable for this job. This will help the seed germinate.

It is a great way to add grass to your lawn. Each region will have different varieties of lawn seed that are suitable. They are generally a mixture of Rye, Tall Fescue, and Bermuda grass (seed Couchgrass). These will germinate only on the surface of your ground if you are lucky. Although you may lose some of the seed to ants, you still will get results. The seed will germinate in two weeks if the conditions are right.

It can be hard to calculate how much seed you need to spread. A seed packet will provide a rate per square foot. You can make it easier by adding granular fertilizer to your seed before you broadcast it. You will be able to spread the seed if you use 40 grams per square metre of granular fertilizer. Seeds will germinate quickly and have good nutrients. You can find fertilisers that are specifically formulated for this purpose, such as “new grass” fertiliser or “lawn starter fertiliser”. After your lawn starts to grow, don’t mow it for more than three weeks. Give it time to establish good roots. To give your lawn strength, fertilize again later in the growing season.