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Can I use olive trees to make a hedge ?


      I would like to know if I can use olive trees to make a tall thick hedge.  Also what would be a good variety to hedge and the optimal distance apart for planting.  I am looking a creating a fence extension screen, as such the olive trees would be planted in a raised brick garden bed adjacent to a 6 foot high brick wall, thus lifting the height of the tree, then I would like to grow tall straight stems/trucks and allow the foliage at the top of the trees to form a dense hedge. Thanks Nick


Hi Nick,

                What you are looking at doing is called a "pleached" hedge.   It has been done for centuries and makes a fantastic looking hedge.   Olive trees are perfect for this purpose.   They are tough and when pruned create nice thick foliage.   I would suggest using a variety called "Mission" it has small leaves and branches well.   It still will produce fruit,  every variety I can think of does this, but the amount of fruit will be limited due to regular pruning. 

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