Orange Jessamine -Murraya paniculata hedge

Murraya paniculata "Orange Jessamine" is one of the most popular hedges plants.  As a hedge it can be grown from 1m up to 3m tall.   It has lush green, thick foliage and masses of white flowers throughout the warmer months.  The flowers have a beautiful jasmine scent.  Murraya paniculata is one of the most cultivated garden shrubs in Australia.   

Murraya can be grown into an excellent hedge or screen plant, from 1m up to 3m tall.  Once established it is surprisingly hardy for a subtropical plant.   Murraya will grow well in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Darwin, subtropical, Mediterranean and temperate regions.  

Murraya "Orange Jessamine" has upright bushy growth, which has made it very usefully as a tall screen plant.   Murraya will grow in most soils, which are well drained.  Organically rich soils are best.  Best positions in the garden are full sun,  however Murraya will grow well in semi-shade spots also.    Under good conditions "Orange Jessamine" is a fast growing hedge plant.   Murraya can be shaped into a neat formal hedge or left to grow into an informal hedge or screen. 

To care for your Murraya paniculata,  plant with some organic planting mix and use slow release fertiliser.    It is important to stake this plant to help develop a good root system.   Pick a spot which is away from frosts.   Fertilise with a general purpose garden fertiliser in spring and autumn.   Pruning can be done at any time of year,  in cooler regions it is best to do any hard pruning in spring or autumn.   Once your hedge is in shape, trim it regularly to create a neat formal shape.   Pests are not a big problem for Murraya,  but they can be attacked by soil "Curl grubs" which eat the roots.   Aphids will also attack new growth in spring.   Murraya can potentially live for many decades.   

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