Lilly pilly "Resilience" tall hedge & screen shrub

Syzygium australe "Resilience" (pbr) is a recently developed variety which has turned out to be a very good medium to tall hedge plant.   Lilly pilly "Resilience" is fast growing and will grow to a height of around 4m.    It makes a good trimmed hedge from around 1.5m to 3m.   The name of the plant, "Resilience", relates to resistance to a pest called Lilly Pilly Psyllid.   These Psyllids create lumps on the new growth on some Lilly Pilly shrubs, which damages the foliage.   It is important to choose a Lilly pilly which does not get this pest.   "Resilience" is one that does not get the pest.   Syzygium "Resilience" gets copper coloured new growth and white flowers in spring.   Plants that are not pruned will get large and bushy and also get berries that are bird attracting.   Syzygium australe "Resilience" is an Australian native plant. 

This plant responds well to pruning and can be pruned regularly to create a neat hedge.   Best light conditions are full sun, however plants will grow in semi-shade.   Best soils are almost any soil which is well drained,  they grow well in heavier soils, so are worth trying if you have clay soils.   Best climates are subtropical, temperate, warm temperate regions, overhead protection is required (Eg under a tree) in areas with heavy frosts in winter.   

Lilly pilly "Resilience" is quite a low care plant.   Plants do not seem to get many pest, although caterpillars in summer could be problem in some areas (easily fixed).    The plant seems quite strong and fast growing.    Staking is important in the early stages to develop a good shape for this plant.   Plants can go a bit way-ward if not staked at planting.   Generally a pretty good medium to large hedge plant.

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