Robinia inermis - Mop Top Robinia

Mop Top Robinia is a small grafted tree to around 5mtr tall with a spread of 4mtrs.    The leaves are dark green and the trunk and branches have a fine textured bark.   Although it does not produce a profusion of flowers, during Spring it will produce white, wisteria like flowers.    The tree has an attractive rounded shape with a single tall truck.    Mop Tops have been a commonly grown species and are used in various styles of garden, but suit a cottage or country garden best.   Because of it's small size Mop Top Robinia have been used on small suburban blocks.    One draw back to this tree which has become evident, is it's potential to develop suckers (new shoots from the root system).   However, not all trees do this, depending on the conditions and the nature of the individual tree, will influence the occurrence of shoots.  Also, damage to the roots seems to stimulate the development of shoots.   Robinias Mop Tops are a great looking tree,  but require some thought before planting.    In situations where the roots are restrained (Eg, in a car-park situation) there seems less likely hood of the roots suckering.    They are an extremely hardy tree and would suit areas which have the odd drought and cool winters.     This tree will grow in cool temperate and temperate climates, and also some arid areas. 

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