Happy plant - Dracaena patio/office/house plant

We think the name of this plant, "Happy Plant", comes from the fact that they are so easy to look after, they always looks happy !   They have been one of the most popular indoor plants for decades now.   Happy Plants are in fact a Dracaena which is a group of indoor container plants that are hardy, low water-use and easy care. Happy Plants have broad strappy leaves with, light green stripes.   Happy plants can grow in low light conditions, but look their best in bright light conditions.   Plants live for many years.   There may be a point where you will need to prune your Happy Plant as they have a habit of growing straight up.    Once this is done the plant usually produces new grow from the sides of the stems.     It is advisable to use a self-watering pot with a very well drained potting mix.   Fertilise now and then with a seaweed based liquid fertiliser.   Happy Plants also make a great patio container plant, but prefer defused light, not direct sun light.  

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